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ProMedia has been around a long time.

Our initial business came about after we were asked to support single page sites with Yell.com in Hertfordshire. Interesting start. We never actually created one site seeing as the project was promised without the OK of the bosses at Yell. But the idea of competing with Yell soon took hold! Back then we were called aPageonaDotCom (I kid you not!). ProMedia name came up and we grabbed it. 

Our initial offering was entirely Limousine Hire themed sites which we sold to the then #1 European Limo Reseller – every limo they sold included a website by us. By 2010, we had created over 200 websites for the UK Chauffeur Market. With the demise of the limo market, driven by rocketing fuel prices and legislation, we looked at the wider market obviously. These days we have less than 20 limo sites on our books, we looked to the wider business bases. Take a look at some of the sites we’ve delivered of late and support. Click here



UK Research

To build a better wedsite we need to make sure what we build is not like others

Logo Design

From ideas we discuss with you we’ll take a look at creating a new logo for you.

Web Development

Your website is the front door to your business online. Does it say come in an browse? It needs to.

Business Strategy

. . aound which websites are to be built and not the othert way around.

Web Design

Look and feel of websites are everything. Avoid dull as much as avoid brash. Stand out, don’t shout out.


We can guide you on photography seeing as the founder of ProMedia until recently was a commercial photographer

We were in deep trouble with our website and emails. Lucky for us, Eddie was at the depot buying some fence panels when he overheard a conversation about our lack of web and emails. We did a deal there and then and have never looked back.

Emma Salo
Managing Director
IPS Fencing, Kings Langley


A few snapsshots of a few websites we had pleasure in designing